Some highlights from the past as we look forward to a new era for Rezerection


Rezerection was created by Paul Ludford and started life as a club based in the North-East of England.


Rezerection began staging all night events at the 5,000 capacity Royal Highland Centre in Edinburgh, attracting top names like Carl Cox, Joey Beltram, Micky Finn, N-Joi and Dream Frequency to Scotland, as well as booking the best in Scottish talent, such as; TTF, Suburban Delay, Q-Tex, Marc Smith and the late Tom Wilson. Regular Rez DJ Bass Generator from Newcastle soon a favourite with the Scottish crowd.


The combination of top UK artists, spectacular visuals and elaborate stage shows for events such as The Pyramids, The Castle and The Luminaire made Rezerection the number 1 dance event in the country.


A significant milestone was reached on 14th August 1993, as the first outdoor Rezerection was staged at the Royal Highland Showground in Edinburgh. Simply titled “The Event”, this was the biggest rave to be held in Scotland at that time, and boasted an impressive line-up, including The Prodigy, Dream Frequency, Rat Pack, Easygroove, Seduction and Marc Smith.


New Years Eve 1993 proved to be a watershed event for Rezerection, as 1994 saw the demise for the traditional London style breakbeat sound favoured by the regular Rez DJs like Grooverider, SS and Seduction. The new Rez sound was heavily influenced by the Dutch and German hardcore scenes and the likes of Westbam, Tanith, Dye Witness and GTO took over from Grooverider, SS and N-Joi as hard trance, bouncy techno and gabba dominated the Scottish scene.

“The Event 2” was held outdoors at the Royal Highland Showground on 30th July 1994. This proved to be bigger and better organised than “The Event 1”, with an attendance of around 16,000 hardcore ravers from all over the UK and beyond. The line-up also had a global feel to itas local talent such as Bass-X and The Rhythmic State were joined by established international artists like Lenny Dee, Carl Cox, Laurent Garnier and Human Resource.


The sound got even harder in 1995, and in May that year an event call “The Clash Of The Titans” saw the best Scottish hardcore DJs such as Scott Brown and Marc Smith go head-to-head with some of America’s finest, like Ralphie Dee and Adam X.

“The Event 3 – The Equinox” was a mammoth 20 hour event that started at 12 noon on the 2nd September. 16,500 people packed two massive arenas at the biggest dance event ever held in Scotland, with a line-up of 47 artists including; Lenny Dee, Joey Beltram, Marc Smith and Scott Brown.


Happy Hardcore was growing and DJs like Hixxy and Billy Reid joined regulars Marc Smith, Bass Generator and Technotrance, while Lenny Dee and The Producer continued to please the hardcore Rez crew.

“Rez V” in August 1996 was the biggest show of the year, with a first class line-up including Marc Smith, Lenny Dee, The Producer, Charly Lownoise and Mental Theo.


March 1997 saw “The Banging Bunny Show”, regarded by many as the best Rezerection event for some time. This Easter special was a collaboration with Dreamscape and featured over 30 artists including Brisk, Hixxy, Slipmatt and Paul Elstak across 3 arenas in the Royal Highland Centre and Showground.

Saturday May 31st, “Event 97”. The prologue was sadly the last Rezerection event until 2004, and was the end of a spectacular era.


Rezerection made a comeback by staging an event at the Barrowlands in Glasgow.


Rezerection returned with a massive event held on the 22nd December 2007 at Room At The Top in Bathgate Scotland.


3000 people attended Room At The Top in Bathgate to celebrate The Bangin’ Bunny Show – Part 2


The Future is Back!